Sunday, July 27, 2008

Smoked Eye of Round Roast

It is really simple recipe but it will take about two hours depending on how you take care of charcoals inside smoker. I always love to smoke the meat during really nice day with cooling wind. Love to irritate my lovely neighbor who live next door with my Indian signals--she's nice looking lady who tried to keep her place smell nice but I don't care when it come to barbecuing. Well, that's my dinner, not hers.
Like to go to grocery store and start my primal instinct to hunt for nice and fresh meat in meat department. My wife couldn't stop me from doing some scavenger hunt there. She knew that I will find best meat with good price and always make sure that we have enough meat to feed my family.

Here is a simple recipe:

Eye of Round
Montreal Seasoning
8-12 garlic cloves

Trim the fat off the meat or optional, leave the fat on meat. Take a sharpest paring knife and make incision on meat for garlic. Halve the garlic clove and put half of garlic into an incision. Continue all over meat until you run out of garlic cloves. Seasoning the meat and rub it all over the meat. Wrap the meat with saran wrap. Refrigerate overnight to allow the flavors blend with garlic and seasoning.

Preparing your smoker according to your smoker instructions. Unwrap the meat, put it on grill and cover. About 20 minutes, check your meat and turn it over. Another 20 minutes, turn it over again. Smoking until the internal temperature registered at 140 F or more depending on your preference on doneness.

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