Saturday, January 21, 2012

Re-thinking about testing a recipe.

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I want to talk about testing a recipe but I understood that the recipe is nothing than just an instruction on how to make a certain food you want to eat. Few days ago I read an article, Why Recipes Are Tested Before Publishing, from the news feed. Watch out, the publishers because someone really burned their churros and sue. I looked up at all recipes I had put on my blog, and I started to wonder if anyone tried one of my recipes or my "pirated" recipes. I had tried some recipes from my blog and reconsidered to revise some, due to the changes in amounts, ingredients and directions.  Well, sometime, I can detect some errors in many recipes from many good magazines and foodies' websites. I realized that we are not that perfect people, we do mess up the recipes and swore it tasted best but it is not. I have to admit that I have some disdains for anyone who think they are best--due to their bad recipe-writings. I remembered one recipe--I am not going to say who wrote--that contained soy sauce to marinate beef before add to stir fry vegetable; its results are very salty. I don't like how soy sauce assaulted my tongue and it blew my taste off all of my senses. Personally, I like teriyaki sauce for marinating beef than that. It affected my decision about reading the recipe and discern some errors or remove some stupid ingredients from my recipe-writings. I wondered if they had tested their recipe. Or, they just crammed their blogs to impress me? Yea, I had seen some good blogs that its authors did made their efforts by trying a recipe and took the pictures of their actions. I personally think it is good to see them putting their energy on their blogs with their own pictures.


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