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Restaurant Review: Williamette Burger Company

I am aware of not writing reviews so much—Oh hell, I am not doing some professional reviews, just my own review in my own blog. I had read some reviews from EatSalem. I enjoy to read something from locals and am very grateful for some restaurant reviews. I wish I could write something nice but I do my best beside my complaints.

Since my family and I moved to Oregon from Minnesota eight years ago, I always complained several time about “300 Restaurants” in Salem and don’t like their food. That's how I got bad impressions after experiencing my meals at some restaurants. My family and I might run to Portland for wonderful food somewhere there like Middle-eastern beef or lamb kofta, good burgers, good pasta, or best barbecued ribs. Always made good food at home for my family to enjoy. I am sorry to say this, Salemites. Beside my complaints, I had noticed few new restaurants opened and received good reviews through some online reviews like Yelp. One of days I might want to try their food and decide if that good or "just other restaurant in 300 restaurants", but I had sworn that everyone in Yelp didn't know how to write some mean reviews on restaurants. I am tired of nice reviews. I want to see their criticisms. If you know one, please send me a link. Thank you.

Rarely, I commented something good about food I ate in Salem but nothing more. Beers and Wines are always good in Salem but not sure about food after all experience I had in past. If I like one restaurant, they earned my loyalty. I guarantee this. I already have few restaurants, in Salem, that I like to attend for good meals.

One evening—very lazy evening, no dinner ready. My family and I had decided to go out for good burger—tell you the truth, I took over their voting, insisted that we go to Willamette Burger Company. One reason why I insisted—In past times, my family and I tried to get in small WBC with no success, well there are no table for three. It was really small restaurant—sorry, I didn’t count how many tables. I am sure many of you Salemites know what I am talking about this small place. Pretty frustrating after few attempts until WBC moved to new location where Gamberetti's Italian Restaurant used to be. Gamberetti’s moved to new location in Pringle Park Plaza (old JJames and Prudence uncorked or whatever it used to be). Now, WBC have bigger space for more customers with all that Mexican-look themes along with all colorful drawings on brown paper tablecloth from customers on wall. Went to a table that have brown paper table cover with crayons to encourage us to kill the waiting time for food. Playing Hangman game with my family and drawing some funny pictures. Nice family moments with little good samples of beer.

Offered the samples of local beers in small cups, I agreed to take and taste beers from local brewery. I enjoyed the flavors and like certain one beer that tasted like a coffee-flavor in beer. My wife took some tastings and commented many good things about how it tasted. This place offered the samples of beer from local brewery every week. I enjoyed to try anything new beer.

I ordered Blue Cheese Burger with fries and onion rings. My daughter ordered same as I have. And my wife ordered other burger. Along with tater tots and onion rings to share. Very nice flavors in tater tots unlike any tater tots I have from freezer, you know what I am talking about. The cute waitress won't give me the information on how they made their tater tots...I gave up. I like their onion rings.We found that their burgers tasted good most than other burgers we had eaten in past. I fell in love with their fries. Very interesting how it tasted unlike Burger King and Carl Jr. I knew I am eating good fries from real potatoes, shame on McDonald. I wish I could cook good fries at home but it will take some steps to perfectly frying the potatoes. The burger grilled until perfect and well seasoned as I personally expected it. I didn't got disappointed with my order.

I found myself that I have no criticism on William Burger Company. I wish I could praise so much about their burgers and good beer beside planning to go back and eat one of burgers on menu. I had became an addict to good burgers, always wanted to try any burgers from restaurants. Then I will know by tasting. My real preferences in burger: well seasoned, no funky burnt marks, not overcooked burger, and good hamburger buns that burger fit in. Do funny business with my burger? You might not see me in your place again, I guarantee this. I might complain about anything on burger like New York City's "Good Burger" gone bad,  from MarkInTheCity blog, but with WBC, I got everything I want. Whew! I don't have to signal my cute waitress and show her how bad my burger is. With my expectation, I am relieved with good tasting and am glad with my burger.

Since that time, I went to WBC and tried four different burgers. With delicious tastes, I am happy with my choice of burgers to pick out of all restaurants. Sorry, Burger King and Carl Jr. With all kind of the advertised burgers you offered, please check this blog,, Advertised Burgers and what you get in reality,  I have to add one other blog, A Hamburger Today by SeriousEats that mentioned Burger King’s BK Toppers.

My sad eulogies to my all time favorite burgers, thanks to their misleading advertising, I switched to bigger burgers that I can order with reasonable price or my own homemade burger I can grill at home. And think about how WBC made their burgers really bigger than your. Bigger than your. Bigger. If you want me back, please fix your burgers to match the photo of burger advertisement.

With all burgers from BK or McDonald, I usually complained about how small they are, in comparison to WBC burgers. Think about it. Other than WBC burgers, I do cook my burgers at home and they are hard feelings, OK?

I was half expected good burger and was half expected other typical complaint to blurt. But I didn’t , under watchful eyes of my wife. I tried to be a “good boy” and I stuffed myself with all burger and good fries including the onion rings.Take a look at pictures, you will know why I got stuffed.

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